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There are four cardiac fellows/residents being trained at any given time. Every six months a cardiac resident from the University of Toronto rotates. The Division also serves as the training site for the McMaster University cardiac surgical trainees. McMaster Residents are present every few years. We typically train one North American fellow each year. The remaining fellows are international with a number now being trained from Asia.

Past fellows are now employed as staff surgeons in countries such as South Africa, Australia, Beijing, Seoul, Canada, Berlin and the US amongst others, including one now employed at the Mayo Clinic. The Division has historically been a major training site for congenital heart surgeons. The current Head of Boston Children’s Hospital trained here as did the major surgeon at the University of California in San Francisco. A number of others at major programs around the US also trained at SickKids.

Dr. Williams established the Kirklin Fellowship in the Congenital Heart Surgeons Society, which allows for a two-year duration fellowship.

While we have trained many successful congenital cardiac surgeons, updating our training strategy to a more structured teaching experience for all levels of trainees will be a focus in the future, as the Division intends to develop learning objective based teaching strategies for medical students, rotating residents and yearly fellows. Cross training of surgical and interventional fellows is currently being explored and will likely come to fruition.



We accept positions on a year-to year-basis: 

  • Next available fellowship position:  July 1, 2017
  • Application submission deadline:  March 31, 2016
  • Selection process will takes place:  May 2016


  • Qualified Cardiac Surgeon or one in training

Applicant to provide the following documents by email : 

  • Copy of most recent CV
  • Photo
  • Three reference letters from current or former colleagues/employers
  • Download the Fellowship Application

**Incomplete Applications will not be considered.



Send an email to: