The Hospital for Sick Children

Hospital for Sick Children

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery began at the Hospital for Sick Children in the late 1940's under the direction of Dr. W.T. Mustard. A broad referral pattern from a population of about 10 million people has allowed a focused development of care for the newborn, infant and child with congenital heart disease. A complete range of cardiologic investigation and intervention, echocardiography, anesthesia and 40 bed Intensive Care Unit allows for surgical management of approximately 700 children per year. Care for the adult with congenital heart disease is provided at the adjacent Toronto Hospital in the Toronto Congenital Cardiac Centre for Adults. The adult clinic cares for over 3,500 patients and over 100 adults per year undergo surgery for congenital heart disease.
There are three full time pediatric cardiac surgeons at the Hospital for Sick Children. Two of the surgeons have a major commitment to laboratory research and two are involved in the adult cardiac surgical clinic.

The Hospital for Sick Children provides senior resident experience for trainees in the University of Toronto Cardiac Surgery Program. Six months experience is required by the Royal College as part of the Fellowship training. The resident is involved in a complete range of pediatric patients with congenital and acquired heart lesions.